What Kind Of Wine?

To Accompany Candied Smoked Salmon

Candied Smoked Salmon’s natural hunting grounds are amongst the beers and whiskies of the world – we have yet to find a beer it does not go with. However, people sometimes wonder about its compatibility with wines. Champagne and Cava are natural fits, but what of their relations?

With its unique mix of sweet and savoury, Can-D Salmon lends itself to several wine styles. At a recent tasting we were astonished by the sheer range of wines that suited it really well. Candied Smoked Salmon goes particularly well with Albariiio, which has acidity and a little salinity, a perfect match for the sweet/salty salmon.

The richness of Chardonnay combines beautifully with the smoky sweetness of the salmon. A slightly sweet Riesling is also good choice, with the high acidity of the Riesling countering the richness of the salmon. South African Chenin Blanc, with its ripe fruit and juicy acidity, teams well with it too.

Surprisingly, Candied Smoked Salmon  is stunning with dry rose, which is so versatile with food. A Cotes de Provence would be perfect.

Surely Not Red?

You would naturally assume that the salmon would be best suited to white wine, but the fresh fruitiness of a Barbera d’Asti complements it beautifully. Dolcetto would be good too.

A Rioja Crianza would be an excellent choice, with its soft red fruits. Candied Smoked Salmon can even stand up to Australian Shiraz and a thumping great US Zinfandel. And it’s made for New Zealand Pinot Noir.